Contract Maintenance

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For our customers who choose to own their equipment, Idealease provides contract maintenance services. Let us repair and service your medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

Contact us at 1-888-245-0459 or visit us at one of our Florida locations.

By utilizing the IdealMaintenance program, customers pass all the maintenance responsibilities on to the industry experts. Idealease schedules preventive maintenance intervals, tracks repair history, and performs all maintenance for the length of the contract.

All maintenance is performed at Idealease Priority Service locations. Priority Service ensures that customers get immediate service attention. Idealease vehicles are guided to special bays as soon as they reach our service facilities. By eliminating costly downtime normally associated with repair facilities, Idealease customers benefit where it counts…. on the bottom line.

Another popular benefit of contract maintenance is its consistent billing structure. Customer costs are fixed from month to month, allowing your operations personnel the ability to accurately forecast maintenance expense far into the future.

Just like the Idealease full service lease, contract maintenance coverage can include some or all of the value-added services offered by Idealease.

Contact us today to learn how IdealMaintenance can drive costs out of your business and drive dollars to your bottom line.